Chris' music specialises in the Bass/Baritone vocal range and now having done some performances he is starting to feel more confident in his work.

He also runs a YouTube channel known as ChrisP Sings in which he as a platform to share 3 different types of video: His covers of songs. Live Performances and Feedback Videos

The Feedback video is a feature that is exclusive to his YouTube channel and it is a platform for unknown and small time YouTubers to get the content heard. He either approaches or is approached by YouTubers and asks them if they would like any of the videos spoken about. He really enjoys doing these videos and he will listen to any genre from Rap and Heavy Metal to Gospel and Broadway. He gives his honest opinion and tries to be as accurate as possible about the history of the song if it is a cover. He would like to be able to do one every month.

There are 3 videos on this page, all linked to his YouTube channel found here:
One is the latest cover, the next is a live performance and the final is the latest Feedback video.