September 2020 - Update

Hello Everyone! It’s September already and I cannot believe how quickly time has been passing and how much things have progressed in this short period of time!


As with last month I’m going to start with my work with Mark on Barchats. Between some technical difficulties at home and our schedules we’ve mainly been focusing on our podcast series. We’ve recorded another brace of episodes taking us to a total of 5. We’re hoping to continue making content and to soon be releasing more content shortly. With my current schedule of things, I have asked Mark to take the reigns a little with the social media side of things. I believe that this will take the pressure off me a little bit and allow him to get a better grip of regular posting.


Thanks to Liam Haddock, from, the new logo that was drawn for us has now been animated and from episode 6 of our podcast series we will now have cool name tags on our videos!  


Onto my main YouTube channel, I am happy to say in August I was able to upload a new original song onto my channel! After a couple of month’s trying to write and work on everything that needs to go into a song, Chrissy and I were able to make this duet possible. (It can be found here: This song for me is a direct follow-up of “Breaking Down” and I’m really proud of how it has turned out!


For background work, I have been able to publish some changes I have made on the website, I’ve altered the about page, added 2 new pages and worked on a couple of changes in the background. I’m still not fully satisfied with it, there is a lot that still needs doing. However, it is a step in the right direction. Thanks to one of my supporters, Natalie, I now have a new profile picture for my social medias and things are starting to take a more solid shape. Honestly, things wouldn’t be as bright as they are now if it wasn’t for her support getting me back on track.


In Twitch news I have been successfully streaming on a twice a week basis, my following has grown to a steady 27 people, not making the target I set for myself. Nevertheless, I am still new and learning what I am doing and I am content with the progress. During the August Bank Holiday weekend I took a trip to London, got to meet-up with my biggest fan Natalie and I was also able to purchase a new desk set-up. This will make streaming more efficient and fun for me and I am excited to see where things go.


So, what to do in September?


  • To upload episodes 6 & 7 of the BarCast podcast and maybe look into bringing in special guests.
  • Upload a video to the ChrisP Sings YouTube channel on the 28th
  • Continue the work on the website and the social medias
  • Have fun with the streams and just see where things go.

That’s all I have for now, I will be back next month with another update, until then for more up to date news please follow me on my socials that can be found here 




Christopher D. Phillips