September 2019 - Update

Hello All,

Welcome to September’s blog, it’s safe to say I wish I could take a nice long month nap and be woken again in October but there are things that need to be done.

Throughout the past month, I have been inspired by the musical shows I have been lucky enough to see. After seeing ‘Fame’ the previous month this month I got to see ‘Blood Brothers’ and ‘Motown the Musical’ and out of the 3 I think ‘Motown’ might be my favourite, followed by ‘Fame’ and then ‘Blood Brothers’.             I particularly enjoyed ‘Motown’ because it was all songs that I was raised on in my household, Supremes, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and all the other great artists. However, this night had another special meaning for me. I sang in front of a crowd at around 900-950 people! Like OH MY GOD, WHAT ON EARTH! Okay it was only 4 lines and it wasn’t my best singing, but I wasn’t terrible either, it was amazing and I have to thank Emmie and her Mum for nudging me.

I have finally started at the keyboard again, I’m awful (no surprise, I have just started) but I need to work on my self-patience, I get too frustrated with myself too early and I am not giving myself enough time or credit, learning an instrument isn’t easy and takes a LOT of work, as soon as I get that the better. For now, baby steps.

Now YouTube, this past month I have released the Live performance of “Careless Whisper” on August 25th (  and on September 10th I uploaded a cover of “Waving Through a Window” ( I would’ve preferred to have done a cover for the 25th August video. However, I wasn’t happy with anything that I recorded and I don’t want to upload anything I’m personally not happy with.

                I thank you for your patience on my channel, I know the videos are only twice a month at the moment but I am hoping to start uploading 3 a month soon.

Speaking about channel growth my channel has gone from 34 to 37 this month so this gradual increase is looking a little bit promising.

Onto Singing lessons as the term is now back in full swing! I’ve had 2 lessons up to this point and original song no.5 has been recorded! I’m really happy with how this song has come out and even though it isn’t the most complex the outcome is lovely and we are still looking to improve it. Hopefully, the video on the 25th September will be the new original song… “Dear You”

So what’s to come this month?

With the next four weeks, I am looking forward to the following

·         Singing lessons – obviously, I have song 5 finished and song 6 & 7 underway!

·         October’s Open Mic Night on the 8/10

·         Working on the keyboard, need to keep going

·         Video uploads on 25/9 or 10/10

·         To keep plugging and trying to stay positive :)