September 2018 - Update

Hello All,

So since the last blog post what has happened? Well, the school holidays have ended and I am now back with Chrissy working on my new setlist. We've looked at two songs in which I have sung live before but before I just say 'yeah that's fine' I'm going to break them down and sing them properly. These songs are: Human by Rag 'n' Bone Man and You're Welcome by Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. These songs are to give my set a more diverse feel to it and to be honest I just enjoy singing them.

Chrissy and I have also talked about priorities. More specifically my music priorities. Since we have three things to work on whilst in lessons I needed to choose what was more important to me and give my singing lessons a proper goal to strive for. SO, out of starting gigs, writing songs & playing the keyboard, I've decided that starting gigs is more important and during my singing lessons I'll be working on my setlist and preparing for gigs instead of song-writing and playing the keyboard.

This decision was actually a fairly easy decision for me to get to when she asked the question. Only because I had been thinking about it for the whole summer break. I knew that the different focuses over the course of the last year meant that things took longer than they probably should've. With my setlist now being my priority, I'm hoping my first gig isn't going to take much more time to come.

Last month I said that I was going to do another video for my Tumblr page, it never came, I do apologise, I had started to plan it out I was thinking of what song I could sing when I could record and so forth. Nevertheless, I didn't happen, a lot of socials were happening and I simply lost track of the days. Hopefully, though a new one will be up within the next month.

Over the past couple of months, I have been expanding my usual listening music, my playlist I listen to on Spotify has gone from 300 songs to over 700 and it is still growing. I can't see me doing many forms of metal and a good proportion of rock, rap and grime are out the window. However, I would open up my list to pop, ballads and Disney as well (which is no real surprise) I would also like to include songs from musicals because, well why not?

The last thing that happened this month (completely unrelated) is that I watched the “Reasons to Smile” series by Thomas Sanders. I decided to watch these videos because I love videos that bring a smile to my face and usually his videos are one of THE best things to do that for me. So I watched the videos (found here: and fell in love with them instantly because they’re just chock full of so much happiness and laughter and just good vibes. So I tweeted to say that everyone should watch them because I loved them and just to show my gratitude that these videos are out there. Low and behold the man Thomas Sanders himself replied to my tweet to say thanks and that just made me so damned happy.

So for this next month, I am looking forward to the first Open Mic of the academic year on October 9th, I am also looking at doing another video for my Tumblr. Other than that, I don't have much planned. Simply because I want to focus more on my setlist and get ready for live performances.

That's it for now, so thanks for reading (as always) and for any updates in real time please check my Twitter (@chrisp_sings)


Christopher D. Phillips