October 2020 - Update

Hello everyone! It is spooky season at last and September has been a slower month I must say.

Starting with BarCast, Mark and I have uploaded episodes 6 & 7 and this month we tried something new, we had our first special guest! From what we heard, the episode was a hit and has done better than our previous episodes. This is encouraging for us and we're looking forward to having more special guests in future episodes.

Onto my main channel, I was unable to record something new for the video uploaded on the 28th. However, I still uploaded. I found an old video from 2 years ago, the live recording of "Going to a Town" (found here https://youtu.be/ZBO5DRCjE5A) and it has proven unpopular, losing me subscribers xD. I'm not offended by this, I did put in the info that this was probably my worst live performance and it was the night in which I considered putting a stop to this singing endeavour altogether.

In Twitch news things have been going smoothly, I've managed to maintain the twice a week schedule and my following has continued to slowly grow, I'm now in the 30's. I'm still learning what works. However, it's been discovered that my pc will be needing a new graphics card if I want to get more into streaming and doing other things.

Onto personal news, during September I've been in a bit of a personal slump, I've been unmotivated, down on my mood and a little worn out. I've also been very sentimental and I've been over thinking a lot. I've gained weight and gotten out of good habits. It's partially why I uploaded that particular song, it's a reminder to myself where I was and where I am now. In October, I plan to do something a little odd for me.

So other than the odd thing, what else does October promise?

- at least 2 more podcasts with minimum 1 special guest
- A song upload onto my channel on the 28th
- Some personal time to recharge is probably needed
- continue to have fun with what I do

That’s all I have for now, I will be back next month with another update, until then for more up to date news please follow me on my socials that can be found here www.linktr.ee/chrispsings 




Christopher D. Phillips