October 2019 - Update

Welcome to this month’s blog! Over the past month, I have delved back into my singing lessons and really enjoy myself with music. Nothing scary like performing in front of 900-950 people happened this month. However, it doesn’t mean I haven’t sung in front of people.

The month started off with song 5 now known as “Dear you” being finalised and uploaded onto YouTube, so far it is my 2nd best views for the time it’s been live. I know it’s another love song. However, it was a song that needed to be written.

As for the keyboard, I am slowly progressing, I’m still nothing special. However, I can start seeing signs of improvement. All I need to do is keep practising and not lose my patience. All progress is good so J

On Tuesday 8th October, I attended the first YMS Open Mic of the school year and, to date, it was probably one of my favourite ones for my own personal performances. It wasn’t because it was the best I have ever sung. However, it was the most confident and calm I’ve felt singing in front of people. I had a lot of fun, the other students all did a grand job as well. My friend Scott even got some action shots which have been included with the blog this month. I sang 4 songs; my original song first, followed by ‘Waving through a window’ then ‘Hold my girl’ finally I sung ‘Moondance’.
                Moondance was more an off the cuff performance than an actual rehearsed song. However, Scott enjoyed it enough that with practise it will be officially joining my set-list and that just excites me no end.

Not much has happened over this past month. However, I have been given something to think about. Chrissy (my singing teacher) has recommended that in order to record my songs with a full-backing and to increase my live performances I get together with some local musicians and start a band. I’m not against the idea, so, for now, I’m just weighing the options and looking at the possibilities. I’ll probably have an answer by the next blog.

As for YouTube growth, my channel has done pretty well again this month, another 4 subs taking me from 37 and finally into the 40s! I managed to grab a humble 139 views in the past month as well which is 26 more views than I got the month before! Small steps but all in the right direction.

And now for the announcement.

As of this month, my channel is going up to 3 videos a month! So instead of videos being uploaded on the 10th and the 25th I will be following my new schedule. You’ll still get a new video on the 10th of every month. However, now you’ll get new videos on the 20th and the 30th that means 10 days per video!

With this development, I will also be restarting my Patreon page! With music being my real passion I want to make it into more of a job than a hobby. If you wish to support me, you can here: https://www.patreon.com/chrispsings
                I haven’t pushed it because it didn’t seem right for 2 videos a month whilst I was still trying to find my feet. However, I feel more confident now and I need to start at some point.


So what’s to come?

For October in November, I want to work on the following

-          Video uploads on 20/10, 30/10 & 10/11

-          Original songs number 6 and onwards

-          Some edits to my website

-          Working on the keyboard, need to keep going

-          Open Mic on November 12th

-          Work on my Patreon Page

That’s it for now, for all the latest updates please follow my twitter @chrisp_sings

Thanks for reading


Christopher D. Phillips