October 2017 Update


The past month has been a busy one for both home and work so progress on ChrisP Sings hasn’t been a priority. However, I have made some important steps forward, the bulk of which have been made on the website, changing text, images and even pages. So, I’m going to break it down here for you.

Home page: there’s only one key change to the home page, the first thing you see when it loads… the image! Before it was a picture of myself in a kilt looking smart but slightly dumbfounded. Now it is one of my recent Instagram posts, it is the picture of a microphone from the last time I performed.

About page: Before it was 2 poorly worded paragraphs and a picture of me next to a cut out of Elvis. Although Elvis is a great inspiration for music with the countless amazing songs he had and the passion behind them the picture had to go. Now the image is of me at Abbey Road Studios taken back in March 2017. Those 2 poorly worded paragraphs? They have been replaced by 4 paragraphs containing more detail and better grammar

Gallery: I have had to temporarily take this page down, the reason being I’m not sure how I want to present it but I’m not happy enough with the current layout to keep it up. It is a shame really because I have some fantastic photographs taken by my best friend Scott Hewitt (Follow him on Instagram ‘sctthewitt’ for more brilliant photos) Therefore, until I figure out how I’m presenting the photos I’ll be keeping the page off the site.

Music: now called ‘Music & YouTube’ before it was just a single page with a YouTube clip on, boring really. Now there is more, some actual content with a little variety but not overdone in my opinion. At the top of the page there are a couple of paragraphs describing what I use YouTube for, etc.  There is also now 3 videos instead of one, this shows the types of videos on my channel, eventually when I finally get to finishing and recording my original music I’ll be adding a 4th video

Contact: Now not much has changed on this page I hadn’t noticed too much wrong on it. It says what it needed to say and it has the crucial sign up box for the Newsletter in which I hope gets more usage. The only thing that I’ve added was the links to my social media, well the important ones anyway.

New page: - Bookings and Events: This page is for what the title says, booking and events, it is all text to start and then a new add on for the site, a calendar. In the bookings section it basically says that I’m currently not taking any bookings until 2018. In the Events however, I have put on a calendar that’ll have the basic details of any events I’m attending, where I’ll be and what time is starts. It is a better way for me to keep organised too so it is a win-win for both sides.

That’s all I’ve done on my website, it seems a lot after I’ve written it down but it isn’t really, just work that needed doing. Now for other updates.

Social media: I’ve decided to make my ChrisP Sings Twitter and Snapchat my main accounts and I’ll be deleting the other accounts in time. Also, with help from 2 friends, ideas have been made to improve the content on each of the social medias I run, I can be sure that they’ll be playing a bigger part in what’s to come and I can’t wait to get to work. I have also linked my Instagram to my Facebook page, Twitter Account and Tumblr Blog!

Finally, I have done another live performance, I sang a few songs at Cin Cin’s Sing-A-Long event. I feel I’m getting better each time I perform and it won’t be long now until I have my set ready to do some actual solo gigs. However, I’ll keep you updated on that one.

Goals before next blog post

Before the next blog post I want to increase my twitter following by 5% (bringing it to 252) 
Do another video of any sort for my YouTube channel

I know that isn’t a lot. However, I do have a good reason. I’m currently in the process of moving house so free time is very scarce at the moment!

That is all for now so follow me on my social medias for more day to day updates