November 2020 - Update

Hello All! What a month October turned out to be! 

A few big things happened during October and it is has probably been the most progressive month I have had in a long time! 

I mentioned in the previous blog that this month I would probably need some rest. So through the first full week of October, I took a week off work and properly recharged. It did wonders for my mental health and let me get back to business with a regenerated level of energy. I must remember to try and let myself rest more often. During this week I shaved my whole beard off just as a reminder to myself to see how far my weight loss has come. I felt like it was a cursed image. However, people assured me that my face looked thinner than it did when I was last clean shaven. I have since then, regrown my beard and I shan't be shaving it off again.

Also during this week I finished my 8th original song, this one is called "Just One Time" and it has mixed reviews so far. It is a little different to what I would normally write. However, it was something I wanted to attempt and I'm glad that I did.

The first big bit of news came from the weekend after. On that Sunday I was invited to record a song with a band. I went to one of the band members studios and recorded the vocals to the song "Losing my Religion", you can watch it here I thank the TMC band for this opportunity and I'm rather happy with how the video turned out! 

The Tuesday after was a YMS online open Mic, I performed 2 of my original songs, "Just One Time and an older one "Dear You" I also sang "Bring me Sunshine" at the end just so the night could end on a bit of a happy note. 

Over the next couple of weeks I kept myself busy with Twitch streams and podcasts, both of which have been going really well, we've been having specials guests on the podcasts and the streams have been gaining a bigger following. However, the last 3 days of the month have been amazing!

To start off with, Twitch Streaming, I have been accepted into the affiliate program! Truth be told I didn't expect it to happen this fast and I'm truly thankful for everyone's support so far. Piece by piece I'm falling more in love with streaming and once I get the graphics card and get my pc right I will be streaming a wider variety of things.

On the 28th I uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel, it was my latest original song and the view rates seems to be pretty decent so I'm happy about that. I've also noticed my subscriber count has started increasing again so that fills me with a little confidence.

Up next is I finished writing my 9th song! This one is called "Driving in my car" and once the backing is complete I will be uploading that one to my channel, I'm already working on lyrics for song 10! 

Finally on Halloween, Mark and I uploaded a special podcast episode! We had our special guest in of Natalie (who has been a supporter of mine since the start) and we had an amazing time. She also drew the amazing picture you can see in this blog! 

So what's for November

For November I have a couple of things I want to work on
- Post uploading schedules, I want to get in place what I do after each upload to enhance the channels
- 2 podcast episodes
- Get in the groove of being a Twitch affiliate
- Keep having fun

That's all for now and I'll catch you next month, for the latest updates please follow my social medias


Christopher D. Phillips