November 2019 - Update

Hello and welcome to November's blog post. So as the weather gets colder looks like I need to keep myself busy to stay warm. And that's what I've been doing!

Throughout the past month, I have been able to keep up with my new target of 3 videos per month, finished the 6th song and I worked on the 7th song!

The 3 videos I managed to post onto YouTube haven't gone as successfully as previous months. However, I think it's partially due to lack of shouting about them on my side, some poor song choices too. Hopefully, we'll see something else this month!

The 3rd video (released 2 days ago) was probably the hardest bit I've had to edit. Simply because it was not happening, I couldn't get it to synchronise no matter what I tried to do. In the end, I gave up and just focused on the audio as at the end of the day, that is more important.

Keyboard wise I feel like I'm finally making progress. Over the past few weeks, I have made my first chord progression and learned the intro to "Welcome to the Black Parade". It's small steps in the right direction.

As for songwriting, I managed to finish my 6th song, 'Thanks to you' which has gone down okay, not the best response I've seen but it hasn't been negative. Song 7, now titled 'Something's wrong', has started to take shape. There is a story, a structure and a start to some lyrics. All of which has happened in the past week or so.

Unfortunately, November's Open Mic Event was canceled so I haven't been able to sing live this past month, which sucks. Nevertheless, it just means double prep time for next month!

So, what's to come?

Well over the next month I hope to:

-  Continue working on 'Something's wrong'
-  Continue learning to play the keyboard
-  Upload 3 videos to YouTube
-  Enjoy the Christmas Open Mic!

That’s it for now, for all the latest updates please follow my twitter @chrisp_sings

Thanks for reading


Christopher D. Phillips