November 2018 - Update

Hello All,


So from not doing much from September to October to doing a decent amount from then until now!

I’ve experience a lot in the past month, it started off with a trip to see Phantom of the Opera! (Wed Oct 17th) Scott Hewitt and I went up to London and experienced an amazing show. We had 2nd from front row seats and we had an incredible time! The musical itself has inspired me to try the songs and there are talks of me doing one of the songs in upcoming Open Mic Nights.


From the 20th – 25th I was in Denmark, learning about the culture, the history and the beauty of the country. Whilst in Denmark I crossed 3 things that I have been nervous/scared of. I drove on the other side of the road whilst sat in the other side of the car. 2 things I’ve never done before and I did it on my own, no help whatsoever. I also went to LEGOLAND to do 2 things, 1 is to be a child and have fun. and 2 to start getting over my fear of rollercoasters. I’ve hated the idea of them since I was a child but now I love them. I did one Karaoke night too, that was a hell of a night I had so much fun and sang until I was exhausted.


After my holiday I had a singing lesson the very next day and Chrissy noticed something. I was more confident in myself. I feel like I have a lower sense of fear now, doing what I did in Denmark has helped me grow up and mature a little bit. The past 3 singing lessons, even with a sore throat, I have sung more confidently and more freely than before. I hope this reflects in lessons and Open Mics to come.


Since the Open Mic Video mentioned in the previous blog post I have uploaded 3 more videos, the 2 from last month and the first one from this month as well, each can be located at the following sites:

You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’:


Going to a town:


On Friday 9th November, after my singing lesson I spoke with James Wilford from YMS and we have agreed that as soon as my backing tracks are downloaded and I am confident enough that I am ready he and I will start on getting gigs rolling! That is BRILLIANT. I’m so nervous and excited at the same time J


On Sunday 11th November, after a remarkable Armistice Day Service in St Nicholas Church, Sholden. I had a conversation with Scott Hewitt and we went through, dissected and re-organised my setlist. The setlist I have now is the one going to the gigs. It has more variation and feels more like me than before. Knowing Scott he’s picked songs he is confident I can do. I look forward to sharing it with you soon!


On Tuesday 13th we had another Open Mic, unusually I only sang 2 songs on this night. ‘Going to a Town’ (see link above) and ‘Can’t take my eyes off you’ and I won't lie, it wasn't my best night. Going to a town was full of holes and I slightly fluffed the start of ‘Can’t take my eyes off you’ I don't think I have any reason for it. The confidence in myself was definitely lacking. I felt unsure, couldn't get the timings right, overall not great. I give myself 5/10.


This doesn’t mean I’m disheartened though. Yeah I feel a bit rubbish and disappointed in myself right now but this is a new month and I can start anew. More focus on the music and lessons, pick songs I’m more confident in and just stay calm! I’m sure to be back next month with vengeance.


So, my goals for the next month are as follows:


Ø Prepare Songs for the Christmas Open Mic Night

Ø Download and Organise the backing tracks

Ø Talk to James and Book 1st Gig

Ø Upload the 2nd Open Mic Video (Nov 28th)  

Ø Get my mojo back at full swing for the next Open Mic



As usual thanks for reading and for the latest updates please follow on Twitter (@chrisp_sings)