November 2017 update

Blog post 15th November

First, let’s recap the things I set out to do this past month, target 1 was to increase my Twitter following by 5% to approximately 250 followers, as it stands I have 261. Happy days I hit that target, thanks to all my new followers for clicking that follow button and all the older followers for sticking with me.
                The second one was to upload a video of sorts onto my channel. I didn’t manage this one, but I do have some videos to upload in which I’ll get up in due course. However, I believe my reasoning behind the lack of video can be justified.

This month along with all the packing that I have been doing for moving to a new house I have also had a passing in my family. A figurehead of my family had passed away and I was in no mood to sing. On November 14th, 2017 we had thee funeral and for the first time in 8 years the whole family got together to remember and celebrate the life of our Grandfather, Brother, Father, Uncle a man who above all else respected family, we may not see each other all the time or talk much but when time calls we can be relied upon.

The toughest part for me wasn’t my own personal grieving but to see my mother upset, our family known for being emotional rocks but this one hit us all. We were together again for this occasion and even without him there we know he would have been so damned proud how we all bounded together for that day.

Now the day is done, we’ve all gone back to our lives without him, but I have another new motivation to push me along each day. Family is everything, whether related or not have friends close for family.

I have a song I want to cover, in honour of his passing, it was the closing song of the funeral. I love this song anyway and I wanted to sing it, now I feel like I’d do it better because I can put meaning into the words.

Enough about that subject. Let’s look forward. The month coming up is December, meaning Christmas, so there will be a Christmas song coming by the end of next month whether it is before the next blog post or not depends on work and where I’ll be living.

Social media wise, I’ll be posting more regular, and this weekend I’ll hopefully be moving onto a new schedule for posts with ideas that have been brainstormed by two close friends. I’m not setting any goals this time, but I will keep you updated on what I’m doing and when it’ll be happening.

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