May 2021 - Update

Hello everyone and welcome to this month's blog post! 

April was a quiet month in comparison to what has been going on so far this year. With no open mic and a couple of big deadlines starting to appear, I haven't been overly busy on myself.

Streaming this month has had highs and lows, we finished the Pokémon Black 2 Nuzlocke and won! Had a couple of very quiet streams that knocked my confidence a little and had some very fun streams as well. 

Musically, with no Open Mic this month I turned my attention to another new song, this one being called "It's a long enough Life" and I got it uploaded for this month's video (see link here: This song is something new for me because I actually wrote it for someone else to sing and in May I get to hear their version in full.

Onto BarCast, this month we had 2 great episodes and one of them included a very special guest. Chrissy Grimsdale, my singing teacher. This episode was so fun to record and it went on way longer than we anticipated, probably my personal favourite to date.

So... for May, what's the plan?

  • Stream wise I want to sort out what I play and when because I now have an extra day to plan since the Pokémon Nuzlocke it done
  • Music wise I am taking a small break from song writing, I'm a little dry on content there so I am going to be focusing on covers, I'm also going to be thinking about the upload schedule.
  • Finally, 2 more episodes for BarCast this month, no guests should be appearing but that's a meeting I'll need to have with Mark
  • I want to continue the work I've done on social media, I've been tweeting more and it is starting to go in the direction I would like.

So that’s all I have for now and I am stoked for what lies ahead. For the latest updates you can follow me on Twitter @chrisp_sings OR say hi on Twitch @chrispsings


Best Wishes