May 2020 - Update

Hello Everyone! How are you all doing? I hope everyone is keeping safe and somewhat sane during these times.


Over the past 2 months a fair bit has happened and lockdown has provided some interesting opportunities for some self-development. After some self reflection I came to the conclusion that I had to put my YouTube channel, ChrisP Sings, on a temporary hiatus. It was not an easy decision to make. However, I thought it would be for the best. Before I decide to come back to YouTube, I want to learn more about my recording software, get better with editing and song selection and just get in some more general singing practise. I did notice however, my channel has gone over 3,000 views and that is amazing. Considering I haven’t uploaded anything in the past 6 weeks I am still getting a small number of views, and that means so much to me so thank you for that!


So what am I doing to occupy myself during lockdown? Honestly, other than the social aspect, my life hasn’t been altered that much, I only shop once a week if that anyway. The main change in my routine is I am now working from home for the majority of my shifts and doing 1 day in the office per week as needed. I am still doing singing lessons, except they are on zoom instead of in person which is awesome because they are always a highlight in my week! The main thing I’m missing hobby wise is Scouts, I haven’t seen the kids for a good 6/7 weeks now and I miss them quite a bit, I just have to think of this as a summer holiday and wait for it to come back whenever things return to normal. However, without the travel to work, the socialising and scouts, what do I do with all that extra time? Well, I’m using a good portion of it wisely. With the advice from Scott (my “Manager”(Yes I’m calling him that now)) I am looking things to work on the website, revamping my social medias and my own image. Who do I want to be in a sense.


I have also been working on a new original song with Chrissy, this one is a bit different as I aim to make this one a duet. It is a new challenge for me and working with harmonies is really interesting. I have started on sheet music for breaking down and I am getting in some much needed keyboard practise in which whenever I learn a new piece I am annoying my friends with it, trying to be smug with my amateur abilities. So far it has all been things I want to bring with me when I return to YouTube, having more knowledge of what goes into making a song will hopefully make me a better musician. On Good mental health days when I can record I do little tid bits of songs and upload them onto my soundcloud page (found here: ), I don’t ever want to stop being creative.


That last statement can be proved by my new creative outlet. I have picked up the pencil and started sketching, if you have been following me on Instagram, you’ll know that I have been drawing concept art ideas for my original songs, I have two up on my page at the moment, I am working on the 3rd and I have a good idea for a few more. Since I’m a beginner drawer they aren’t the best. However, as I do more they’ll improve. One day I hope to be making my own thumbnails or album art, or at least the design for someone else to make professionally. It has been a really good creative outlet for me for when the lyrics aren’t flowing and I can’t get the fingers to work with the keyboard. It has also kept me grounded when things get a bit too much for me.


Personally, during this outbreak, I have been working on home habits. This means setting myself a schedule and keeping to it, this has been highly productive for me as it has kept me on track for what day it is and what I’m getting out of bed for. It is also making sure some new habits are in place for when things start going back to normal and I have to start commuting daily again.


On a bit of news on my other project “BarChats” I have been sending ideas over to the other creator, Mark, and we are hopefully going to start making individual content soon. We’ve been a little out of touch lately due to the nature of his work. When he is off he is exhausted and needs time to rest properly before his next shift, that I completely understand and we’re takings things as they come. I’d much rather he stay healthy than get stressed over videos we haven’t even scripted yet.


So what’s the plan for May?


So with the unsure nature of what is going to happen in the near future I’m going to focus on things that don’t require anything overly complicated and are ongoing projects over trying to do something entirely new.


  • To keep working on original songs and hopefully finish 1 lyrically
  • To continue creating and working on original art concepts for songs
  • To carry on learning more things about music, either by playing the keyboard or writing sheet music
  • To work on my image and my social medias.
  • To work on the next video for Bar Chats for either end of month or June release


I have to thank Scott for his continued support and making sure I do the blog this month. There were sometimes over April where I doubted I would blog again but he assured me it was the right thing to do. Thanks bud!

That’s it for now, for all the latest updates please follow my twitter @chrisp_sings

Thanks for reading


Christopher D. Phillips