March 2021 - Update

Hello Everyone! Welcome to this month’s blog post!


February was everything I thought it was going to be progress wise. I lost some weight, kept the exercise going, even hitting my best week since June last year and hobby wise, I hit all the targets. So, a good month.

When it comes to streaming, I have fully embraced the new 3 day per week schedule and that hasn’t taken as much out of me as I had anticipated. I’ve had some really positive streams and one or two that haven’t exactly gone as planned. We did have some issues with some trolls, but they have now been ironed out and the issue shouldn’t occur again.

Musically, the original song that was mentioned in last month’s blog has been lyrically finished and now it’s just down adding more instrument layers and some harmonies for a nice touch. Hopefully the song will be finished for this months upload if not then April’s guaranteed. So for this month’s YouTube video we have this cover of Elvis Presley’s “Don’t” (

Onto BarCast, Mark and I have gotten the first two episodes down and under our belts, fully getting into the swing of things for the second season. Right now we’re planning out the topics for the 3rd episode as we are expecting the first guests of the season. We have also been looking at one of the new guests coming in April and getting them a little more familiar to the series, before they fully commit to being on the show.

So… for March what’s planned?

- Personally, I have a week off in March so I want to use that time to switch off for a little bit and recharge and come back feeling strong for more content.

- We have 2 podcast episodes coming out again on the 13th and 28th of the month and as mentioned this month we have special guests on the show.

- Musically, I would like to get the 11th song finished so I can move onto the next one which has admittedly already been started. I am also in another open mic on the 9th which as always looks to be fun.

But that’s all I have for this month. For the latest updates please feel free to follow my twitter

Best Wishes