March 2020 - Update

Hello all!

Thank you for reading :) this past month has been a pretty good month and I’m fairly happy with the progress that I have made.

To start with, I actually managed to hit all 3 video upload dates (just about) I had some hitches with the recordings and technology not working in my favour. However, I got them done. 2 of the said videos were original songs as well. Old songs of mine that I had decided to give a bit more life to and I’m pleased with the new versions of them.

Also, whilst talking about videos, I do not like this “Made for Kids” feature you have to pick for YouTube. I understand it is to keep kids safe online. However, I can’t progress as an artist. No one come comment on my videos, I can’t use an end card and it’s just a bad form. My videos are “safe” for kids, I don’t cuss or talk about more adult topics. However, my target audience is older than that. I sing mostly swing. That’s more of an older audience. That’s enough on that though.

I’ve also started on doing regular Live Streams on my twitter. I have been doing them whilst driving from wok to the gym (10-15mins) on a weekday evening. However, someone pointed out to me that I could get points on my license for that, that’s something I don’t need. So, from now on, I will be doing them at home once a week. No set day at the moment because my schedule varies from week to week. However, I will always keep you notified.

At home, things have even been going through a change. I’ve had a deep clean of my living space and I feel more comfortable here than I have previously, which is brilliant. I’m hoping with the new arrangement I will be able to be more productive and actually have more time to work on my hobbies or to relax when I actually need it.

I’m not setting any targets for March, simply because I haven’t planned anything yet. For the latest updates please follow me on my Twitter :D