March 2018 Update

Hello All,

So, since the last update I have been a little bit busier. Well by a little bit I mean a lot! During the latter half of February I have been helping my parents with the work on the bungalow in Kingsdown and not having much luck with the song-writing. However, In March I completed and moved into my own flat! I am now living on my own and I no longer have to help out around home, I can start spending more time on my music. Of course having only moved in last Saturday I haven’t had much chance to do anything yet.

I have made a start on “it’s you”, there is a start to the music and lyrics are coming along slowly. I have also made a start on another song called “As you taught me”, more details about these songs will be released in time. I haven’t got any more songs near completion though, it is a shame but I am not concerned as that was not a big target this month.

My big target was the comeback to the Open Mic Nights that the singing school I attend holds. I performed “Move” and collected some valid feedback and some positive remarks too. Overall I was happy with the way it turned out, I know a couple of bits I personally would like to alter slightly while I am performing it. But, that is what Open Mics are for, to practise.

For the next month I plan on posting a NEW video on my channel, not a Cover Video, not a live performance, nor an Original song. However, a Feedback video will be making its way onto my channel on Monday 19th March. I am really excited to be recording a new video again, I haven’t done one of these videos since August 2017, 7 months ago!

My other plan for this month is to update my Patreon page, the opening blurb is tacky and needs updating. If I’m going to make the page useful I might as well start by making it look representable.

I have no live performances planned at this current time for the next month but I will be sure to keep you updated if that plan changes

Thank you for reading and I’ll keep you updated via social media!