June 2021 - Update

Hello everyone and welcome to this month's blog post!

Over the past month, with the easing of lockdown here in England, I have made a couple of changes to my schedules. To start off with, I have gone back down to 2 streams a week for Twitch. So far I seem to be running on a 2 weekly system. On one week I have a music/just chatting stream and a random gaming stream (likely Minecraft) and in the other week I play games with friends (i.e. Phasmophobia) and the final day is Valheim with Mark.

I decided to do this because I was spreading myself a bit thin and I wasn't getting enough me time to rest. I also, wanted to be able to spend more time on my music hobby, more so on the practising side of things. 

As I said in the previous blog I have taken a step back from song-writing. I've had ideas given to me or written down. However, I've not really had any inspiration to write anything new. 

Whilst on the topic of music, in May there was an open mic and I got to hear Chrissy sing my OG song, "it's a long enough life" and she did a fantastic job. I may have listened to it a few times more since then haha.

For BarCast, Mark and I were able to record 3 episodes this month. What was great about this month though, we were able to record the last 2 in person! Something we had not been able to do before due to Covid. We also recorded a reaction video, this is the first type of video aside from a podcast we have added to our channel in nearly a year. (found here https://youtu.be/kQSwCbAnvV8

Stream wise, we closed the BarCraft world and discussed preparing for the new world ready for 1.17 coming on June 8th, since that day is an Open Mic day, our new world will start on the 9th! (See us live on twitch.tv/chrispsings)

So, what's the plan for June?

With June I plan to carry on with more of the same.

- releasing 2 episodes of BarCast one including a special guest.

- Practising my music skills/singing more and getting new songs under my belt for open mics

- Get the new 1.17 rolling on stream

- More new content on the CMBarChats YouTube

So that’s all I have for now and I am stoked for what lies ahead. For the latest updates you can follow me on Twitter @chrisp_sings OR say hi on Twitch @chrispsings


Best Wishes