June 2020 - Update

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well, I’m still somewhat sane and I might possibly be starting to go back to work in the office full-time again soon. So yeah, getting there.


May has been an interesting month for me, progress in different areas and a mini battle with my mental state which was to be expected since I spend all my time alone now when I usually see people several times a week. I have been good. Only been out when necessary (work, shopping, solo walks) so in person interaction without distance boundaries is going to be a fun one for me when it’s allowed again.


Anyway, now for the interesting stuff? How have I done on the goals I set myself for the past month? Well, the first thing I want to mention is that my latest song has finally been finished lyrically. It has taken me ages to decide on how I want to get my message for the song across and not sound overly repetitive. The first ideas I had would’ve made the song really boring and I unenjoyable to sing. I’m happier with the end lyrics and now Chrissy and I are working on getting the backing done. This song won’t be properly recorded until I can properly go back to my singing lessons. The harmonies will need a lot of working and listening too to get it sounding right.


Speaking of original songs, something of normal nature happened this month. There was an Open Mic! I could not believe that I got to do this, there hasn’t been one since February and I have missed them so. Okay, it was on zoom and not in person, doesn’t matter! I got to sing 2 of my original songs and just had a lot of fun listening to the other students. We had a great turnout and more people tuned into it than I thought would. Also, the audio was streamed live onto Facebook so other people could listen it. I think 300+ people had tuned in at one point. Amazing!

They’re doing it again this month and hopefully the video will be streamed this time. If you’re interested I’ll share the link to my Facebook Page on the day, so follow ChrisP Sings there!


Onto drawing, over the past 10 days or so thanks to some bad mental mojo I haven’t really felt in the mood to draw. However, at the start of the month I did finish a couple more. I’m especially proud of the one I did for “it’s you” I’ve never drawn flowers before and I thought roses would work well considering the nature of this song. I picked up a pencil last night and started doodling again but I wasn’t working on a new concept art, I was drawing for fun and just trying to improve my skills.


I have to admit, I don’t know much more about music than I did at the start of the month, and my social media image? Yeah, I don’t think I’ve touched that at all, if anything on my main social media, I’ve faded a little. However, there’s still time to rectify that. Throughout June I may start to tweet more and with other things, I think I’ve spoken enough about my music without talking about something else. I need to express my voice and my thoughts, even the dumb ones. Expect to see something a little odd but more... me.


Onto Bar Chats... we released a video on Saturday 30th May! Well I did on behalf of myself and my co-host. We’ve decided that now would be the perfect time to get the ball rolling. Even if we can’t get together to make the videos, doesn’t mean we can’t start making content. So I bit the bullet and made the first one. https://youtu.be/yicRsQ94sUM I appreciate it’s not the shortest video. But I have made longer ones back when I was doing feedback videos. My lives are longer too, so 10 minutes is no time at all!


I’ve waffled for some time now so let’s talk about this month, what’s the plan for June?


  • June’s open mic to sing and enjoy myself. It is always good to get more practise in and meet more singers too!
  • Work on my image and social media, even if it’s just a smidgen.
  • To carry on learning more things about music, either by playing the keyboard or writing sheet music
  • Work with Mark to getting the next video onto BarChats


That’s it for now, for all the latest updates please follow my twitter @chrisp_sings

Thanks for reading


Christopher D. Phillips