June 2019 - BIG UPDATE

Hello All,

So it’s been 7 months since I last did one of these so there is a fair bit to catch you up on. I’m going to do it month by month and I’ll try and keep it to important highlights more than pages of information.

November 16th – December 15th, 2018

At the start of this period I was in a pretty low mental place, I was feeling pretty down about myself and the open mic 4 days prior did not go particularly well. I was struggling a little bit with confidence. I was probably in that mood for about 8-10 days. However, it did get me started on a new song “Breaking Down”

On November 24th I attended a talent show in Canterbury, I wasn’t really in the mood, my confidence wasn’t quite back but I knew I had to do something to get me back on track. I sang a personal favourite and one I knew back to front. “Under my Skin” and it actually went pretty well, I got good feedback from the judges, the crowd was really supportive, and it was just what I needed to get me back on my feet again

Into the first weekend of December, it’s the Rock Choir Social, I took the opportunity to sing in front of 200 fellow Rockies, I had to do “Under my Skin” again as it was the only song that I really felt comfortable with at that point, my confidence was coming back but I wasn’t willing to be adventurous at this point. I stuck with what I knew, played it safe. It went pretty well again and that got my confidence back to where it was before the November Open Mic.

From there we head to December 11th, the Christmas Open Mic with YMS. I had 2 or 3 songs prepared and the one I was looking forward to most would be Thomas Sanders’ “The things we used to share” I loved that song and I just wanted to sing it. At that point it was my favourite Open Mic to date. Scott rated me a 9/10, I sung a duet with my teacher for the first time in a while, I even sang a song where Scott was making me laugh. It was a great night.

December 16th, 2018 – January 15th, 2019

Not much happened during this period music wise as the school had broken up for the festive holidays and there were no Open Mic events. I practised singing and I did a smidgen of song-writing.

I probably had my favourite Christmas to date, living in my flat, I had 7 of my friends over and we did a massive Christmas meal together. I genuinely shed tears of joy and I felt so privileged having these lovely people in my life.

New Years was spent drinking with friends and having a good time.

The start of January I had an early Birthday present, I got to see Enter Shikari live for the first time! Having only been a fan for a short few months I was excited to see how the performance would go. I was not disappointed 10/10 would go again

January 16th – February 15th, 2019

This period started with video upload to YouTube, I uploaded December’s Open Mic performance of “The Things we used to Share” (Thomas Sanders) from there I decided to work on my latest original song and to start studying for my Grade 1 music theory.

I celebrated my birthday on January 25th with a whole bunch of my friends and then the following night I watched a series of movie musicals, over the 36-hour period I probably only slept about 5 hours. I was tired when I got back to work on the Monday.

Not long after that I had the February Open Mic Night I decided to go comfortable and sing 2 Frank Sinatra songs; “The Best is yet to come” and “Lady is a Tramp” I overall felt like the night went well and I got to sing fairly freely. Overall it was a decent first Open Mic of 2019.

February 16th – March 15th, 2019

For me, this period is when I felt like things were starting to come together. I was getting a routine sorted out. I was falling deep into my music and things were looking pretty bright. During the start of this period I was revising hard for my Grade 1 exam and when I wasn’t studying, I was working on ‘Breaking Down’. By the end of the month, I had the melody down for the song and it was nearly complete. However, it wouldn’t be performance ready for quite some time.

During March I decided to do a 25 Day Song challenge, each day answering a personal question about myself. I really enjoyed doing this as I got to explore what songs had influenced me during my life.

March 6th was the day of my theory exam, I started work early so I could get to the exam on time without it affecting my job. I made sure I had everything ready, and I felt confident going into the exam. All seemed well and the exam was over before I knew it. At the time I felt like I did enough to pass.

The very next day I attended and Open Mic in Deal and sang with a live band for the first time! It was incredible

The Tuesday after (12/03) was the next YMS Open Mic and I sang 2 Elvis songs: “That’s All Right” and “Blue Suede Shoes” I was feeling early Elvis and I had a lot of fun singing the songs. I also got to duet with Dana for “See the Light” It was a great night.

March 16th – April 15th, 2019

This period was a fair bit calmer than the previous, I focused on finishing “Breaking Down” in which I did. I recorded and uploaded the first video for my 2nd channel: Bar Chats. I also started playing around with sheet writing software.

However, with the Easter Holidays kicking off, there were no Open Mics this period and my singing lessons were few.

April 16th – May 15th, 2019

This period started off with a trip to Brugge to celebrate me passing my Music theory with a distinction mark of 90% I was chuffed to bits. The weather was perfect, I even wrote most of a new song in 30 minutes whilst waiting for the bus home.

The very next day I uploaded a new video onto my channel, it was my first cover in nearly 18 months! No surprise there aren’t 100’s of views. However, it made it’s way to the top 25 (out of 36 at the time) videos on my channel. Which is a little victory for me. It was the first cover done in my flat since moving here in March 2018. It felt good to record again.

 For the rest of the period I really focused on making sure I was ready for the May Open Mic. Simply because I was going to perform my latest original song, “Breaking Down”. I had spent a lot of time on this song and I really wanted it to go down well. On May 13th the event happened.
It was a quiet night at the Open Mic, I know as I got to perform 5 SONGS!? But “Breaking Down” was the one I was most nervous about. It went fantastically well, I got strong feedback from the audience, I didn’t fluff the words I just got to sing the song with my soul really into it.

The other 4 songs were just for fun really. I did “Evermore” “That’s Life” (as a duet with Claire Fletcher) “Mack the Knife” and “Candyman” it was a great night and I was happy with what I had achieved

May 16th – June 15th, 2019

So, this latest period has been fantastic, I uploaded “Breaking Down” onto YouTube and it is currently sat at my 7th highest video of all time. My YouTube channel, after 3 years, finally hit the 2K mark in views. Since then it has increased by 10%! (What the Hell? You guys are awesome!)

I’ve gotten into the swing of things on my Twitter with a new #ShowOffSaturday feature where each Saturday I will do a shoutout to an amazing person, about their YouTube channel or to their Twitch stream. Just to share some love.

I fell in love with Elton John’s music again after watching Rocketman and told myself that I need to do more songs by him. In which in return meant on June 10th I uploaded a cover onto my channel! (OMG Regular content?)

So, what else have I done:

-         I’ve started an acting course to learn some new skills

-         I started writing another new original song

-         I finished writing “Enough to Last” in which made it’s Open Mic Debut on June 11th

-         I also recorded said song on June 14th ready to upload to YouTube

-         Finally, I decided to restart the monthly blog updates

So, what’s happening next?

From here I’m going to plan some small steps to take

Ø Go back to doing a blog on the 15th of each month, no more essays!

Ø Have 2 videos come out every month, on the 10th and on the 25th

I think you’ve read enough, so I’m going to do other bigger steps in next months blog.

For more live updates, follow my twitter @chrisp_sings

Thanks for reading




Christopher D. Phillips