July 2019 - Update

Hello All,

Welcome to July’s blog post and what an interesting month I’ve had!

I’ve had a couple of acting classes and I’ve really dived into my character “Tony” from my monologue. It’s been a fun learning curve so far and I’m really enjoying it.

I’ve managed to upload 2 videos to my channel, as scheduled. The first being the latest original song “Enough to Last” in which has received some positive feedback. The latter being a cover of Frank Sinatra’s “Summer Wind” in which hasn’t been received as well as my more recent videos. Well YouTube is a learning curve and now I know that this particular song isn’t the main content I should go for.

On June 22nd I went to London with Scott and we went to West End Live, after queueing for what felt like a lifetime we had a great time, once we were done there we headed to the Adelphi Theatre and watched ‘Waitress the Musical’ and damn it was AMAZING! I finally learnt the context of “She used to be mine” a song that has been in and out of my head for the past 6 months.

On June 28th I got to see “Rock of Ages” in Canterbury and it was a brilliant show, I could sing-a-long with some of the songs and the show was hilarious! I loved the humour of it and the cast just had a great time performing it.

My singing lessons this month have mostly consisted of learning the songs for the Open Mic on July 9th except for the most recent one (which was July 12th, after the Open Mic) as I got started on my latest original song, one called “Dear you”

Mentioning July 9th, on that day I went to the last Open Mic of the school year, and instead of the venue being at the Ballroom (as per normal) it was at the Canterbury Tales pub and I was not feeling too good about it. I had a track record of my songs normally going a little/very awry, safe to say I was more nervous than normal and it did affect my performance a little. However, I sang my songs “Everything” and “Careless Whispers” and overall I did pretty well, I think I got past my jinx a little bit now. We’ll have to see.

Channel wise, my YouTube following has finally started to grow again. After half a year of a stagnant 26 subscribers, I’m finally in the 30’s. It’s not a big jump but I’m grateful for all the new subs.

Finally, I had my first mini gig! July 5th at 5th Deal Scouts Summer Fete. It was a free gig as it was for charity and it was only going to be a small gig. I have to say it could’ve gone better but it could’ve gone a lot worse. I have made notes and learnt some lessons and I’m looking forward to the next one.

So what’s next?

So with 2 lessons left of the school year and no Open Mics to actively prepare for, you would think I’d be pretty quiet… not exactly. Here’s what I’m thinking

-          YouTube uploads on July 25th and August 10th

-          Sing at Cin Cin’s Jazz and Blues night

-          Attend a song-writers circle

-          Restart learning the keyboard. I’ll have the time.

And onto the long-time goals for the rest of the year (mentioned in last month’s blog)  

-          Go from 2 videos a month up to 3 videos a month

-          Build my Subscriber count above 35 and towards 50 if possible

-          Work on my social media a little bit

That’s it for now, for all the latest updates please follow my twitter @chrisp_sings

Thanks for reading




Christopher D. Phillips