January 2018 Update

Hello all,

Since this is the blog closest to my 23rd birthday I will start by reflecting on the September blog post (“Before I’m 23” See here: (insert link here))

I set myself 4 targets in that blog post, each of which were achievable for me to do in 4 months and I feel like I have one way or another done all of them.

The first one was to update my website to make it more fit for purpose, since adding a calendar, changing pages and adding more information it is definitely better and ready for use.

2nd was to busk, I failed to do this exactly. However, I did manage several live performances at Cin Cin’s which links to my 3rd task of uploading videos because I uploaded a lot of them to YouTube.

Finally, I said I would be doing monthly blog uploads on the 15th of each month, I have done so, 4 months out of 4 since September.

As to how this month has gone since the last blog post, I have dropped a couple of pounds of weight in which is a great mental boost for the start of 2018. My family and I have moved from Walmer into Kingsdown, now we’re no longer living from boxes I can focus on the music without needing to unpack and forgetting to repack anything. This is of course until I move within the next couple of months to my own place.

I have managed the daily posts on social media, even though some days were missed here and there I did manage to post on a regular basis. I hope as time goes on I’ll be better at posting and my posts get more interesting.

Finally since getting back into the swing of things with singing lessons I have been working on a new ORIGINAL song called ‘Move’ it is in the basic draft stages at the moment, still getting lyrics and chords together but it is getting there and should hopefully be the first original song I perform live.

As to what I plan for the month ahead, I am hopefully going to be doing a live performance but at the moment I am still unsure as I haven’t heard anything as of yet. Other than that I hope to keep up with the daily updates and I will persevere and learn the keyboard so I can play ‘Untitled’ and ‘Move’ but that is a work in progress and will take me a while as I am a true beginner.

This is all I am going to aim for this month, simply because I haven’t got a moving schedule yet from Kingsdown to Sholden. I don’t want to say I’ll do this before February 15th and end up not doing it because I had to move inbetween now and then.

Thank you for reading