So, I thought that for this post I could tell you more about who I am as a person. Of course outside of work and singing I have a couple of hobbies in which on their own keep me very busy! 

My first hobby I have had since I was about 6 years old, the day after my 6th birthday I enrolled with the local Beaver Scout colony. I had become a 5th Deal Sholden Scout! Since then I have gone through Cubs and Scouts winning the top award in both groups as well as getting best Cub & best Scout of the year. After leaving Scouts in the summer of '09 I decided I would stay with 5th Deal and become a young leader, now 7 years later I am still there!! I've seen some of the kids who were Beavers when I joined as a young leader go through the whole scouting process and are now soon to be leaving Scouts! I feel so old sometimes looking at them and recalling what they were like as 6/7 year olds.

Also, spending time with kids means I can stay quite childish, if there are toys around especially tanks or planes I am happy!

My second hobby is 8-ball Pool. I've been playing this game for about 13 years now, at first it was just for fun, something to keep me out of trouble. At the age of 13 I got my first cue, I call her Bertha now as she is reliable and a great fall-back cue in case I hit a mood. At 16 I joined 2 local pool teams in which one I am still part of, I played 2 nights a week all across the pubs in the local district. Since then 1 team disbanded as players left due to other commitments and I now only play 1 night a week. I now have 6 pool cues in which have all different names and different qualities about them. 

If we ever meet and we happen to be near a table feel free to challenge me! I'm always up for a game, even though I've got 5 years team experience I am still not an amazing player and I get beaten very often, I play for fun! Also, it's a great Ice Breaker if you want to get to know me better!!

Well that's all for now, I'll speak to you soon!

ChrisP Sings
Christopher D. Phillips