February 2021 - Update

Hello everyone! Welcome to this month’s blog post!

January has been a month of resetting some habits and getting back on track with things both personally and with all the channels.

The first thing I got back on track with was my personal exercise, since September I have been failing miserably and needed to get this going again. I can happily say that in January I hit my exercise goals and though they weren’t the biggest goals, I did it and I’m proud with myself.

Up next was streaming. After doing two lots of 6-hour streams and having the Sunday’s off on Jan 7th I got back to my 2 day a week schedule. I’ve been doing a group game on a Thursday and a Minecraft on a Sunday. On Thursday 21st Jan we celebrated my Co-Host on BarChats 26th birthday on stream. We went to the end and we had a blast! On Thursday 28th Jan we started a new thing on the channel, a Pokémon Nuzlocke challenge, we started on Pokémon Black 2 version and it was an awesome stream, I cannot wait to continue this game in the future.

Musically we made some half decent progress too. Chrissy and I started working on the next original song which at the moment has a distinct Phil Collins feel to it, it’s going to take a lot of work before we’re happy it’s done but any progress is good progress. I also uploaded the 10th original song to my YouTube page. This song was a re-write of a song I wrote in my early teenage years and was repurposed to more of an LGBTQ+ coming out than a confession to a girl that I used to like.

Onto BarCast, over the past 6 weeks it has taken a bit of step back to let Mark and I have a break and recover from the Christmas period. However, we had a couple of meetings and planned for Season 2, we also uploaded a blooper real from Season 1 onto our YouTube channel. We wanted to have this 2 weeks before we started Season 2 to allow us to get back into the mindset of making content again.

So, for February, what’s planned?

Ø First of all, the big news. If you’re part of my Discord community, you will already know this. However, as of February I will now be streaming 3 days a week. Weds & Thurs evenings and a Sunday morning.

Ø Season 2 of BarCast starts this month with Episode 1 due on Feb 13th and we’ll be back with our fortnightly schedule.

Ø Musically I’ll have a video out on the 28th however, at this date I am unsure if it will be a cover or an original it depends on how we progress. I also have an open Mic this month to prepare for so yeah