February 2020 Update


Welcome to this month's blog post! So, January has finally finished and I know for some of you it has felt like a lifetime, Hell froze and thawed before the month was through. However, for me the month moved fairly swift.

Okay, that was partially due to the first two weeks of the year being occupied than a larger scale of work than I had anticipated keeping me occupied doing more hours than was probably necessary. The latter part of the month was occupied the complete opposite way, with no work whatsoever, I was on holiday with my family celebrating my 25th.

Musically, I have been keeping as busy as I can with the little free time I've had whilst at home. I've practised the keyboard a little more and I have been looking at covers I wish to pursue. I managed to 1 song cover video on the 10th and an update video on the 20th. However, things did not move smoothly. The charger of my camcorder no longer works and my computer decided to not work. (Fixed on Feb 2nd) Thus no videos were made for the 30th. I was rather frustrated that I was unable to meet the first month's requirements for videos. Nevertheless, I hope to turn that around in the upcoming months.

For original songs, I have made no real progress on any new material, a couple of rough storylines and ideas but nothing concrete. I have though managed to reword and upgrade "it's you" and I'm looking forward to when the new backing is complete and I can complete it to a proper Demo state.

Other than that, I don't really have much to write about. Please keep up to date via my Twitter and I'll see you all again in March

Chris :)