February 2018 Update

Hello all,

So since the last blog post I have been relatively quiet, I’ve been living in Kingsdown for a little shy of 6 weeks now and things have been very busy. Most days I haven’t even done anything for my singing because I have been busy with work, or at home. I have established base in my temporary room with my keyboard in the corner and I have been practising here and there. However, I’m still a fair distance away from being good enough to play a song live.

I have now finished “Move” and I have started on works for a fair amount of other songs. I have enough songs in early stages for a whole set but my main focus is one called “It’s you”, I do not have many details about that song yet. However, as soon as it is written, recorded and performed I will be sharing it with all of you.

Going back to “Move” it is written, music is completed too. However, before I share it properly with all of you I will be performing it live and I will be recording it with Chrissy at ‘Your Music School Canterbury’ where I take my lessons. Hopefully I’ll record the video for it then too but I’ll let you know closer to the time.

I’m only setting 2 targets for this month in which I know I can complete:
1. I plan to perform “Move” live as well as a cover song in the YMS Open Mic Night on March 13th at the Ballroom in Canterbury
2. Work on the songs I’m writing and get 2 of them into the nearly written stage

I do hope to make a return to YouTube soon, until I know when I move I cannot plan anything for certain. When the time comes I will inform you all.


Thanks for all your patience and I will keep you all updated via social media!