December 2020 - Update

Well November has been and gone and it’s the festive season, well 2020 could use a bit of cheer about now

This month I have focused more of my effort on stream improvements, after months of technical difficulties with my graphics card, I have finally bitten the bullet and bought a new one. With this new piece of hardware I can now stream for longer and have a wider variety of content, I’m dead excited to see where this goes!

This decision was spurred on by the fact that I hit Twitch affiliate at the end of October, if I want to keep growing I need to be able to play without the problems I’ve been having. After Christmas is over I’ll be looking at other things I need to help improve my set-up. I will also be looking for game suggestions, so if you have one please contact me on my social medias!

But that’s enough on that topic! Up next is BarChats news. Over November Mark and I recorded 2 episodes of BarCast, one of those with a special guest. Our Special guest this time around was our friend Luke, he was a great guest and the amount of chatting we did was insane! (though the editing was a bit long winded).

Over this month I have also been working on my music, my 9th original song, “Driving in my Car”, has now been finished and uploaded onto YouTube. Suffice to say it is doing fabulously well compared to previous videos. Honestly I’m glad it is, this song has been one of my favourites to write and definitely put a backing to and sing! (

I have also been working on my 10th song, working on one song after the other has been a real joy and I’m enjoying every moment. This particular song is going to be another personal song and I’m okay with that. There is a good chance this song won’t be finished until 2021 but I can deal with that. Christmas comes first.


So what’s for December?


For December I’m looking to go full throttle for a little bit and then take a short break.


  • The streams will be changing slightly, instead of 7.30-9.30 on a Thursday, it’ll be 7pm-10.30pm. Sunday’s Stream will be 10am-1.30pm
  • Christmas Eve and New Years Eve’s streams will be 7pm-1am that’s right I’ll be going on straight through!
  • This month’s cover will be on December 19th instead of the 28th
  • There will be no stream on Sunday 27th in fact between Christmas and New Year’s Eve I’ll be taking a break to recharge so I can enjoy the festivities properly.
  • As for podcasts there will be 2 episodes and we’ll be wrapping up season 1 on December 19th, We’ll be taking a break until some point in January.


That’s all for now and I’ll catch you next month, for the latest updates please follow my social medias




Christopher D. Phillips