December 2017 update

Today's blog post will be rather short. However, it does contain an important announcement at the end. However, before that let's catch up with what I've done this past month.

In all truths, not a lot. I've started doing daily updates on both my main social media pages of Facebook and Twitter, this is going to be a part of my daily routine to ensure that I am working towards my goals every day in however big a step I need to take. I had thought about doing this earlier. However, it wasn't until a friend of mine suggested it I actually got started on it.

I have also worked on a range of songs, one for a live performance to come later this month, some other covers for when I start to gig, making sure I am ready. Finally some of my own original works in which I hope to start to perform in 2018, more on those when the time comes.

Now, for goals this month I'm not setting anything large or difficult to achieve. The first is to get into the full swing of daily updates, if I don't do a daily message I want you to berate me, please! My other goal is to fully upload ALL of my live performances onto my YouTube channel, keeping my latest work to myself won't allow any feedback to get back to me and help improve on what I do. 

Finally before the January blog post I will be doing a New Year's blog post to set my main goals for 2018.

Now for the important bit of news mentioned in the opening paragraph. 

I am now OPEN to take bookings for gigs from JANUARY 28th 

Thank you for reading