Change of Plan

Hello again! 
I know I planned for my first YouTube video to be out by last Friday (the 12th Feb) However, I wasn't happy with the way it had sounded, I had done a fair few takes and not one did the King enough justice to 'Love Me Tender' It's an amazing song but I just wasn't feeling it.
I had a think about it and decided that I'll postpone my first YouTube video for now. I doubt many of you were waiting for it anyway...
With that in mind I have decided to do a more lax plan of strategy towards uploading. I'm only going to upload when I am happy with the work, so that means random uploads, it might only take a couple of weeks it might take upto 3 months for a video. Nevertheless, I am still very new to this and I don't wish to just flash into things like a mad man.
Perhaps it'll be best to wait after I've had a few more singing lessons and gotten a clearer mind of how to sing properly before I hit the internet with all I've got.
I think I will start putting my practise ones onto Soundcloud get the feedback I can and work from that point onwards.
Please stick with me
I'll keep you updated
ChrisP Sings
Christopher D. Phillips