Blog Update June 30th

Hello there! 

I've got an update and and the next part of the plan to share with you.

So since April I have been very busy. I've had Rock Choir every Wednesday and my singing lessons on a Friday. I've also tried to get my Snapchat started. I made a new segment called 'Feedback Friday' that I had intended to do every week. However, as it is a new thing it was not getting much attention, I have now decided that I will do it every 2nd Friday of the month. This means the next one will be on July 8th! I will continue working on content and once it takes off I might just talk about my day with you.

With my singing lessons I have moved on from 'The Call' and I have done 2 foreign songs, one in which is Italian and called 'O Cessate di Piagarmi' and the other was a German song called 'Widmung' I have found both songs challenging thanks to the language barrier, especially the German. I loved doing the Italian one though, my enjoyment of 'O Cessate' has given me feeling that I want to do more Italian in the future, therefore I am now learning Italian as-well! (I'm keeping busy as you can tell)

With uploading my work I have been very quiet. This is because Soundcloud have started to charge if you want more than 3 hours of content, this means I can only have around 6 lessons at any one moment in time. This is no good for me as I would prefer to share it all with you. Nevertheless, at this current moment in time I don't have £75 to spare, if all goes well I might reconsider joining and re-uploading everything. 

I haven't uploaded anything onto YouTube either like I hoped to in May. However, from July through to February I plan to do 1 song a month, this means I will have 8 videos on YouTube by February. I picked February because that will be the 1 year point since I started singing lessons, I will then re-evaluate see how I'm doing and then continue onwards and go onto 2 songs a month. Hopefully by that point we will know what my repertoire consists of and I have some form of direction where I want to go. 

I am also starting to get into live broadcasting, by using the App - Periscope - linked with my twitter @chrispsings I will be using this opportunity to talk to you or give you random live gigs. The gigs aren't of high quality but they will be of me practising the sort of songs that I want to upload onto my YouTube and any feedback would be much appreciated.

As always I will be keeping you updated via my social media, I'll speak to you all soon :)

ChrisP Sings
Christopher D. Phillips