Before I'm 23

Hello there! 

I know I've been awfully quiet on my blog this year. However, I plan to change this. I am devising a plan for the next 4 months. on January 25th 2018, I turn 23, I know it's not exactly a special age like 21 or 18 but for the past few years I've been pushing myself more and more.

So this is the plan:

1. Update the website so I can get it to be used regularily. For this I'm going to need to spend a good couple of days sorting out what I want for this website. I want it to be the best platform to get people to contact me.

2. Having done 2 performances in the past week alone (okay one was a karaoke, slightly tipsy) I realised I do enjoy singing in front of people and they aren't booing me off stage so I'm going to keep going and I plan to busk at least once before I turn 23.

3. I don't exactly know what is happening at home, I know I am moving out soon, probably before Christmas but there is no guarantee on that. Videos will still be coming up here and there but there is no schedule just yet. I will sort a schedule out when I know what is happening.

4. Monthly blog update: from today on I plan to be doing a blog post once a month around the 15th, it'll be to update what I've done and what might be coming up.

It's a terrible plan list I know XD but as I know more I'll be keeping you updated via Twitter and Facebook.

Thanks for reading this far and I'll speak to you soon :) 

Christopher D. Phillips
ChrisP Sings