August 2020 - Update

Hello Everyone, hope we are all doing well, summer has been kind enough so far! After a meeting with Scott in the latter half of July we decided on a few points of action that needed addressing and I got to work. So, what have I been doing?

To start off, after months of talking about the idea, Mark and I have finally recorded and uploaded 3 episodes to our newest venture, a podcast series, "BarCast". We have also managed to start recording and uploading other regular content. Overall, Mark and I are happy with the current progress and we are looking forward to getting more into it as time goes by.

As for my main channel, ChrisP Sings, things are starting to come off the back burner and a bit more into the limelight. After 130 days I finally uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel. Funnily enough, I did the song "I'm still standing" which is pretty much about a come back, it feels appropriate.

For background work, I have focused on a few segments of both my YouTube channel and my actual website. The changes on the website consist of some new wording on some pages, change in images and an addition of features. However, these changes will not take effect until later into August as there are some things I am still not quite happy to share just yet. However, I have made some visible changes to my channel. The first notable one is on the home page, I've filled the emptiness with different playlists allowing the viewers easier access to my content. The other change is a little more subtle, it's the new layout of the thumbnails, it's only on the latest video for now. Nevertheless, my long term goal is to get ALL my videos onto this new style to allow for some much needed channel consistency.

In other news, over July I have really immersed myself in Twitch streaming, it's a little different. However, it's been a welcome change and it has allowed me to cut loose the way I need, to avoid burning out. As it stands I stream twice a week, once during the middle of week, generally a Thursday unless something else is planned. Also a Sunday. I allow myself to communicate with my fans, try things out and generally enjoy my crafts. I've been singing, sketching, socialising and generally having some time to purposely play games to be productive. the streams have been genuine highlights each time they happen, I've been able to grow a happy following so far of 22 people and I've had discussions with a range of wonderful people. I've listened to Argentinian music, learnt about Hod Hasharon and gotten to answer some English stereotypes in a somewhat silly fashion. From this month though I plan to share the Thursday Stream on a Monday and the Sunday Stream on a Wednesday to the BarChats YouTube channel.

So, whats on the cards for August?

- To continue streaming and attempt to get 35+ followers, I believe with the first month's growth that this goal is achievable.
- continue to work on my social medias. I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of things and I want to keep pushing this feeling.
- Upload 2 more podcasts and several other videos to BarChats
- Upload a cover to my channel on August 28th
- Continue the development on 

That’s all I have for now and I will be back next month with another update. For regular updates please follow my Twitter and Facebook pages found in the link below






Christopher D. Phillips