August 2019 - Update

Hello All,

Welcome to August's blog post! Is everyone having a good summer?

Since last month a couple of things have happened. I'll start off with the acting classes.

Over the month the acting classes have been absolutely brilliant, the only downside is that they're now finished. I learned quite a lot during these classes and I even performed my monologue at the end! I've made some friends and hopefully, I'll keep in contact with them in the future. 
 Speaking of the friends I met acting, one of them has a show on Deal Radio, you can listen to them on mixcloud, I'm listening to them whilst I write this blog. I'm rather enjoying them! 
Here's a link for you all:

On July 31st I attended my first songwriters' circle, it was held in Canterbury at one of the Universities there. I got to meet a whole bunch of fellow songwriters and I got to make some new connections, one of them, called David, has promised that we meet up and write songs together from time to time. I haven't been able to meet up with him as of yet but I'm sure once we do we'll get some really fun songs out there.

I mentioned last month that I would start with the keyboard, I'll be honest, I haven't as of yet but I am now on annual leave from work and there is no time like the present! 

On Tuesday 13th August I went to see 'Fame' at the Marlow Theatre in Canterbury, I really enjoyed the show, it really drilled into my head that there is no real shortcut to your goals, you have to put the grind in to get what you want. However, if you enjoy what you do it isn't a chore. Afterward, I was tempted into the Canterbury Tales Pub to sing a song. For context, YMS was holding an extra Open Mic event for the students that couldn't usually make it in term time. I sang 'Under my Skin' as it is a no real prep song for me now, thinking that would be it for my singing I decided to stick around a little a socialise with the people there.
 Then some of the Fame cast came into the pub. I couldn't let this opportunity pass, I had to sing one more song. What could I sing? I chose to do George Ezra's 'Hold My Girl' as I had been working on it a lot. I got a good response and I am happy with how my singing went and from there it was clear, that I needed to head home for the night.

Now onto YouTube news. As scheduled I uploaded videos on July 25th and August 10th, on July 25th I uploaded a cover of Elvis Presley's "That's Alright (Mama)" I enjoyed doing the cover but it wasn' the best received. On August 10th I decided to go for a more modern song, I chose to do the previously mentioned George Ezra song "Hold My Girl" (Link here:  it's been received better than my previous 2 videos combined! Also, speaking of being well received, my original song, 'Breaking Down', has just reached the 100 views status on YouTube and I am chuffed to bits with it!

So what's the plan, Stan?

For the next 4 weeks I plan to keep to busy with the following:
  • Working on the keyboard and just getting some basics underway
  • Getting back to singing lessons and getting more songs done
  • Sing live (hopefully)
  • Just keep plugging! 

That’s it for now, for all the latest updates please follow my twitter @chrisp_sings

Thanks for reading




Christopher D. Phillips