August 2018 Blog Post

Hello All,

Since the last blog post, I've had a relatively quiet month on the singing front, this is probably due to it being the Summer holidays. However, that doesn't mean that I've done nothing, in fact, I've done a singing video for my Tumblr page found here: 
I have worked on one of my other projects in which we are nearly done with gathering ideas and we start looking at the first video within the next month or so!
Also, I have been working on things at home in my flat! I've rearranged things in the bedroom and I'm throwing out A LOT of useless/unneeded items.

I have also redone my set list for live performances, I want to start gigging at some point but I need to feel more comfortable in what I am singing, I had to have some help from my friend Scott Hewitt as he knows me better than anyone else.

On Sunday 12th August I went to Karaoke and I did a song or two and I realised that I am out of practice, that's something I'll need to work on before going back to lessons in September.

I'm setting myself a couple of basic targets for the next month, things I know I can complete and things that can cause some positive progress towards personal development!
1. From the ideas that were discussed sort out the content for the next project and start looking at filming.
2. Collect the lyrics for the new setlist songs so I'm ready for the new school term
3. Do another video for Tumblr, even if the video quality isn't amazing I need to keep doing videos!

I'll keep you updated via my social media


Christopher D. Phillips