April 2021 - Update

Hello Everyone and welcome to this month’s blog post!

With a week off at the start of the month, March was exactly what I needed to recharge a little. There were a couple of little set-backs but overall things aren't too bad.

Streaming this month I have hit a milestone, I hit 100 followers and truth be told I haven’t expected to hit this landmark within my first year. Hitting 50 and making affiliate in October was big enough but to still be growing and still enjoying myself to this extent has been wonderful. I’ve learnt a few things and I’m working on a few other things. At the end of the day, it’s all good progress and I’m proud of where I am.


Musically it has also been a good month, finished the previously mentioned song to a point where I was able to record and release it as this months video. I have also been able to completely write another song this month and we got the chords going and that will be a song released in due time. The exciting thing about this song is that it’s the first song that I’ve written for someone else to sing. The final thing I would like to mention is that I actually hit 50 subs on YouTube, I started the month at 44 subs and ended it at 50 and that is also unplausible in my brain!


Onto BarCast, Mark and I have also been busy on the channel, we have been able to record 2 more episodes including our first 4 person episode, that was a lot of fun and chaos. We’re starting to talk about what we can look forward to making together post-lockdown and that’s enough for us at the moment. We’re keeping busy with our schedules and we would love to do more but we’re trying not to over work ourselves.


So… for April, what’s the plan?


Well April has a couple of things


  • Stream wise, to celebrate 100 followers, on the first Sunday of the month I’ll be doing an extended stream, it will likely be Valheim and/or Sims 4 (probably both)
  • Music wise, I am so excited to be back in the classroom once Easter is done, yes we’ll be behind screens and face screens for safety but in the end back in the classroom. Hopefully, this month I’ll be working on another new song, I’ve got some ideas and just wondering on how to piece something together.
  • We have 2 more episodes this month for BarCast and in episode 6 coming out in the later part of the month we’ll have a brand new special guest and that excited me.


So that’s all I have for now and I am stoked for what lies ahead. For the latest updates you can follow me on Twitter @chrisp_sings OR say hi on Twitch @chrispsings


Best Wishes