April 2018 Update

Hello All,

So, since the last update I have stayed very busy, I’ve been in my own flat for over 5 weeks now and I have just about got settled in.

Updating from last month, I have added more to “it’s you”, there is a basic music structure to it, we have chords to the opening, first verse and the chorus. For a little insight onto how the song is going click on this link here: http://chriszxz.tumblr.com/post/172336871862/so-this-is-me-working-on-my-latest-original-song

I also said I would do a Feedback video to be released on March 19th, that video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-r-Bee65fOM&t=13s I found it a really interesting one to do.

In regards to the patreon page I have made progress. However, I am not yet satisfied with how it reads. It should be updated by the end of April

So what’s to come? Well before the next bog post I have another Open Mic night to attend! I do not know what I’ll be singing yet. Last time there were talks of a duet with my singing teacher, that might happen, but a swing number is almost guaranteed. Want to find out? Stay tuned.