A New Site With an Updated Plan!


Well here we are on my new website chrisdphillips.com! I have to thank Peter at Pingreel for all of his hardwork he has been incredible! He hasn't had much to work with but he has been able to create something that I could never of done on my own. All we've had is a couple of meetings over Skype and I've given him the details from the old website and he has done the rest.

Now about the plan, I'm still not 100% sure when the first YouTube video is going to be but I assure you it is in the works! Work has been keeping me busy even during some evenings. What I will be doing though is even if I can't get a video up this month I will DEFINATELY upload something onto Soundcloud whether it is 'Are you Lonesome Tonight' or something else all together. 

With my singing lessons I am now a fair few in and I've done a run through of 'The Vagabond' My amazing singing teacher Chrissy has been patient with my learning and getting me through the song bit by bit and she has been guiding me along beautifully. Since I am recording the lessons I've decided that the ones with the decent quality ones I will upload onto Soundcloud so you can hear what I am doing! 

After I get 'The Vagabond' finished and I am happy with it I will upload it onto YouTube, that I can gurantee. From that point onwards I will be working upon my repetoire and then my work on Soundcloud and YouTube can really start to take off properly. Of course I hope that shortly after that I can finish 'Ol' Man River' from Showboat.

That's everything I have to say for now, I hope you stay with me and I'll update you all soon

ChrisP Sings
Christopher D. Phillips