Opening Statement

Happy New Years for one and all! I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and avoided that nasty bug that I know has been doing the rounds lately, if you happen to have it, get well soon!

For this New Year’s Update I’ll be going through what 2017 brought to the table and what I’ll be planning for 2018. I’ll be including my personal life into this blog too along with the ChrisP Sings goals.

What happened in 2017?

  1. My YouTube subscriber level has increased by 75%! (okay it’s gone from 12 to 21 but 75% sounds a lot better XD)
  2. I have performed on 6 separate occasions most of which I have recorded and uploaded onto YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8J46nzduOib7yZczo4tCUg/videos). It has also cracked my stage fright, this is important because with stage fright I’d be useless when I go to sing in front of people. I know that I’m not 100% over it, I haven’t done a crowd of over 100 people yet or an important event but I’m getting there slowly.
  3. My vocal range has improved (whoop whoop), this means I can hit more and higher notes than I could this time last year, it also broadens the selection of songs I have available to me.
  4. I’ve lost weight and doing so I’ve gone down a trouser size and nearly a t-shirt size too. I’ve got a ways to go yet but I feel better with myself and finding myself more energy to do things.
  5. More friends are giving me tips which is great, as a result of this I have put in place daily updates to keep you guys aware of what I’m doing day to day.
  6. An important family member passed away during the autumn, this was a sad time. However, because of that I realised what was important to me.

What’s planned for 2018?

  1. More live performances are in the works! I’ll still be doing the Cin Cin’s sing-a-long event for as long as I can do them for. However, from March I’ll be attending the YMS open Mic Night once a month. As they say practise makes perfect.
  2. Solo gigs! I now have my own PA system so I can start gigs in small venues by myself! All that’s left to sort out now is the remainder of the backing tracks and making sure I am singing the songs correctly.
  3. I’m moving out on my own! This is probably the scariest thing on this list! I’m in the process of purchasing my own flat and if all goes smoothly I can be in next month. I look forward to seeing how this development plays out.
  4. I plan to continue losing weight! As my weight decreases my confidence increases, as well as my enjoyment of other things! I enjoy exercise more as I find it is easier and less strenuous. Also, as I’ll be living on my own I can manage what I’m eating more as I’ll be the one buying the food :L
  5. Run a 5 miler – I’ve already started this goal, I’m about 3 weeks in now and I’m at 1.5 miles, I’m increasing the amount I do at a regular interval to make sure I don’t overdo it and actually go backwards. This will also get easier as I lose fat.
  6. YouTube – during the start of the year I’m not going to focus too much on my channel. I will still be uploading my live performances on there but until I’m settled that is all that will go on. However, once I am settled I would love to do more Feedback videos and I will look at trying to upload covers once again. It all comes down to how well the sound proofing is in my new place of course.
  7. Original songs – I’ve started writing my own songs and by summer 2018 I hope to start performing them or uploading them. I am not the quickest of writers and my vocabulary isn’t amazing but I have ideas on paper and all I have to do is turn them into songs (sounds easier than it is)
  8. Finally, I plan to post more on social media, I’ve got some grand ideas from a conversation I’ve had with Scott and Mark, and they’ll start coming into effect from the spring. I also need to keep up with the daily update postings that Tommy suggested. Let’s see how this pans out.

Closing Statement

As you can see I’m looking forward to a very productive 2018. However, I’m not 100% certain of where I’m going with it, I don’t have an end goal in mind. However, I’m not worried at all! I know that with time I’ll find out what I want to do and I’ll pursue it with everything I’ve got.

Thanks for reading and I’ll keep you updated!